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Dog Ear Problems and Dog Skin Problems, How Dog Heiro Helps Both


How can Heiro for Dogs help my dog’s skin and dog’s ear problems?

Dog skin problems and dog ear problems currently bothering your dog can be helped by Heiro for Dogs.  Also, if you are looking for something to help avoid past dog skin problems, Heiro for Dogs is, again, the answer.

How can Heiro for Dogs help my dog’s skin and dog’s ear problems?  7 Ways

Heiro Dog-Health Info

Paw PrintHeiro for Dogs contains Omega 3 to decrease inflammation of the skin and shown to help support skin structure to keep bacterial problems away.
Paw PrintHeiro for Dogs has high levels of Vitamin E, shown to increase levels of protective white blood cells and increase immunoglobulins.  Heiro for Dogs only uses the fat-soluble form found in your dog’s skin and as a bonus, all 8 forms of Alpha Tocopherol are in Dog Heiro.
Paw Print Heiro for Dogs has Natural Herbs to help your dog’s immune system to stay fully charged.  Once the skin problem is cleared up, you want your dog’s skin at peak alert to help avoid relapses and expense. Two of the herbs are Adaptogens to help your dog’s immune system to respond better to stress.
Paw PrintHeiro for Dogs contains anti-inflammatory natural MSM found in your dog’s skin.  Further support to the skin for further protection.
Paw PrintDog Heiro for Dogs has a free Veterinary consult – you can talk with Dr. Reilly about your dog’s skin and dog ear problems.
Paw Print Mineral blend of Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Manganese, plus added Vitamins in Natural Herbs to support skin to recover and thrive.
Paw Print A chart of the best dry and canned dog foods with many grain-free options if dietary changes are needed.  Heiro for Dogs is not just a powder and good luck to you.  It is a full program.

Dog Ear Problems – General – #1 Reason to go to the Vet ^

Otoscope1.  Dog Ear problems are one of the top reasons dog owners go to the Veterinarian.  It is the #1 final diagnosis of all skin problems in dogs going to clinics.  Dr. Hill, 2006, Vet Record.

2.  Heiro for Dogs can help support the healing process in combination with the medicines needed to clear up dog ear problems.  You can use Heiro with ear cleaning solutions, antibiotics or steroid drops.  Heiro helps decrease the inflammation and swelling, reduces the itch and redness while the medicine works on another pathway.  BlueStarClick here for 7 ways Heiro for Dogs helps ear problems.

3.  CheckMarkInteresting fact: 25% of cases require antibiotics, 20% of cases require steroids, 20% of cases require ecto parasiticide.

4.  Signs of Dog Ear Problems: Constant scratching of ears, odor from ears, excessive headshaking, yelps if you rub ears, constant rubbing ears on people/chairs/floor, redness in ears.

                           RedEarsHelp support ear health with Heiro for Dogs.     ScratchingDog#1


CleanEars5.  Want to know how to clean ears in combination with Heiro for Dogs?  BlueStar Click here for Washington State University article on Examining and medicating the ears of a dog.


6.  All Dogs can get ear infections, but some are more susceptible.  Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, and Poodles are more prone as well as Schnauzers that grow hair in the inner ear canal.

Dog Ear Problems – Due to Food Allergy or Yeast Overgrowth ^

yeast ear1.  Many chronic ear infections are due to food allergies that set up smelly, greasy, and itchy ears from yeast overgrowth.  Your dog then scratches hard inside the ears and this can lead to trauma and seeding bacteria on top of the yeast.  Another cause of yeast overgrowth – poor quality, high carbohydrate dog food.  Lots of carbohydrates in the diet set off a bloom of yeast in the ears leading to problems.

2.  Heiro for Dog helps in two ways:

A.  Heiro has multiple anti-inflammatory pathways covered via high dose Vitamin E, high dose omegas, natural herbs, and balanced minerals to help decrease redness and itch and allow healing.
Triangle-GrainFreeB.  We have a salmon-colored triangle  Triangle-salmon2 of great non-grain + no chicken + no beef dog food choices.  Many grains are allergen producing (wheat, corn, oats, barley) and chicken and beef are the #1 and #2 meat allergens in dogs.  So by eliminating all these top causes, we can allow ears to recover.  BlueStarClick here to see approved dog foods from many companies.
These anti-allergy foods have no chicken antigens – No chicken, no chicken meal, no chicken fat, no egg.  With Heiro for Dogs and the right diet avoids all the major triggers, see ears improve in only 21 days.


3.  But many lamb or buffalo or venison grain freedogFood foods are not on the list of chicken/beef free/grain free.  Why?  some on and some not on?  Many exotic meat dog foods on the front label have these meats, but they also have chicken or chicken fat added to it!  Example:  Blue Buffalo Grain-Free Rocky Mountain Bison – a great choice for a dog with normal skin, no allergy issues, and no stomach issues but it has chicken meal also in the food.  So it is not for dogs with skin and ear problems.  Many owners think they are feeding an anti-allergy food that states being “No Grain”, but actually still struggle with skin issues due to hidden chicken.

UnivOf Illinois symbol


4.  Many Lamb with Rice products recommended by Vets for food allergy issues of skin, ears, or stomach are not aware that according to Veterinary Dermatologist, Dr. Gortel, of the University of Illinois, “a fairly wide selection of Lamb and Rice foods also contain grain, chicken, beef, or components of these.”



5.  Most store bought and commercial dog biscuits have wheat, oats, and corn used for flour.  Do not feed these in dogs with ear, skin, or stomach problems.  They can be ok in small amounts in normal dogs.




BlueStarClick here to see How many Calories a Day your Dog needs and why NOT to feed amounts they say on the bag or can.


Dog Ear Problems – Due to Bacteria ^

Otomaxbox-heiroplusantibiotics1.  Several sources of bacterial infection in ears – often antibiotics are needed to help clear up infection.  Heiro for Dogs can be used with this medicine to help with decreasing itch and redness.
2.  Itchy ears get damaged by constant rubbing or scratching with nails and this allows bacteria deeper into tissue or seeds in more bacteria.
3.  Staph bacteria is the most common cause of ear infections.
4.  Many sport and water dogs get bacterial ear infections due to time in the water and going underwater.
5.  Dog Heiro’s high dose Vitamin E is proven to reduce inflammation in the ears via antioxidant.BlueStarClick here for Study on Vitamin E Supplementation: Improvement of Clinical Signs – for dogs with canine atopic dermatitis. Dr. Kapun, Vet Research, 2014.



Dog Ear Problems – Due to Parasites – Stop Chronic Ear Mites Now ^

box-BacterialInfections1.  Ticks, fleas, and mites can all invade on top of or inside the ears.  They create direct damage and secondary damage due to scratching.  Bacteria can invade into bite areas and also into traumatized skin from scratching.
2.  20% of dog ear issues, according to studies, are due to these parasites.

3.  Your Veterinarian may need you to treat the ears with parasite-killing agents and antibiotics.  Heiro for Dogs can work with the medicine to reduce the itch and redness.
MerryGoRoundMites4.  Many dogs also get allergic reactions to the bites, further compounding the itch.  Heiro has skin soothing Omegas, Vitamin E and botanicals to help with comfort during the healing process.
5.  If your dog has chronic ear issues and you want to keep Ear Mites in check, combine Nexgard Oral Chews and Dog Heiro.  Nexgard has off-label action against mites.  Want to get off the Merry-Go-Round of ear problems?  Here is the answer.  Nexgard Oral Chew once a month plus Dog Heiro = Results.


BlueStarClick here to see how Nexgard stops ear mites 99% in 28 days. Dr. Beugnet Study, Parasite Journal, 2016: Stops demodectic mange, kills mites, and cost is only $10-20 treatment.

BlueStarClick here to see how Bravecto stops ear mites 99% in 28 days. Dr. Fourie Study, Parasites and Vectors Journal, 2015: No mites detected after treatment while Advocate had mites harboring still on skin.

Dog Ear Problems – Dog Groomers Can Help ^

DogEarSwabout1.  Professional Dog Groomers can be of great benefit in keeping your dog’s ears clear.  They are part of your dog’s health care team.  According to APPA, over 1/3rd of all dog owners use professional Dog Groomers every year.
Box-GroomerHealthteam2.  Professional Dog Groomers can evaluate your dog’s ears for problems such as yeast overgrowth, sores, evidence of ear mites, flea bite dermatitis… along with getting your dog bathed and clipped.
DogEarWith Groomer3.  Cleaning, evaluating, and clipping hair in and around the ears is helpful in maintaining a healthy environment for your dog’s ears.
4.  The National Dog Groomers Association of America is a great source for finding these professionals – the organization is over 45 years old.  BlueStarClick here to find the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

Dog Skin Problems and Dog Skin Issues – Dog Heiro Program gets results quick – only 14-21 days to improvement.

Compare Dog Heiro to Dinovite 

Grain FreeYesNo – Added Sorghum
Total Omega Fatty Acids13.6%6.0% – Omega 3
All 8 Forms of Alpha Tocopherol140 IUNo
Vitamin E Added/ScoopYesNo
Herbal Adaptogen AddedYesNo
Healthy Herbs AddedYes – 8Only 1
Pharmaceutical Magnesium Oxide AddedYesNo
MSM AddedYesNo
Improvement seen quickly within 14-21 days!YesTakes up to 3 months
FREE Veterinary ConsultsYesNo
FREE Shipping OptionYesAdded Shipping Fees on all orders

Skin problems in your dog are the #1 health issue in dogs – owners take their dogs to the vet more for this, than any other problem!

Dog Skin Problems – Signs of Skin Problems: Hot Spots, Itchy, Hairloss… ^

HotSpotscastle-wall-21.  Hot Spots – Dog is continually licking an area until all the hair is gone and skin is raw/painful.
2.  Reddened/itchy skin between toes.
3.  Hair loss, a dull coat, and excessive shedding.
4.  A funny odor/smell – after petting your dog, your hands may feel greasy or smell unusual.
5.  Very itchy – constant scratching, red skin from scratching, even to the point of bleeding.  Excessive scratching seeds bacteria in, so now you now have an added problem of a bacterial skin infection.



Dog Skin Problems – Food Allergies, Food Intolerances ^

1.  Food allergies are helped by the Dog Heiro Program.

• The #1 and #2 meat allergy for dogs are beef and chicken.  Dog Heiro has you covered with a whole list of foods without these meets.  Dog Heiro gives you a list of many choices from many companies you enjoy with Duck, Salmon, Tuna, Buffalo, and Venison to mention a few.  Look for the salmon-colored triangle Triangle-salmon2for these foods.   BlueStarClick here for our Dry Dog Food List.
• Grain Free:  Many dogs can’t handle wheat, corn, sorghum, or barley.  Dog Heiro Program gives you dozens of commercial foods to choose from – easy!  Again, look for the salmon-colored triangle Triangle-salmon2on the list.
Global Dog Heiro• Dogs with gastrointestinal upset have options of low carb, grain-free, multiple meat options ready to go.
• Raw Dog Foods are an option Dog Heiro goes over. BlueStarClick here for Raw Dog Food information.
Low carb diets help decrease yeasts with irritated skin.  The Dog Heiro website is the only site providing low carb options.

Dog Skin Problems – How to Stop Fleas, Ticks, Mange (Mites) ^

box-dogheirohelps skin

Your dog is battling ticks/fleas daily with topical spray, oral meds to repel, spot-on once a month meds.  But sometimes ticks/fleas get in.  The allergic reaction is helped by Dog Heiro – soothe skin, stop redness, stop itch, stop scratching now.  Don’t wait to respond – avoid problems.

Box - Stop Ticks Mange Fleas

1.  Ticks, fleas, and mites can all invade the skin – on the bell, in between toes.  They create direct damage, secondary infection, and damage from scratching.
2.  These bites create allergic reactions to the bites, so they itch a lot. Dog Heiro’s high dose omegas, adaptogens, Vitamin E antioxidant, and herbs sooth skin to help start the healing process.
3.  Stop treating parasite skin problems. Start Preventing.  Nexgard Oral once a month chew gets ticks, fleas, and mitesI like – easy – no sprays, no collars, no goo on shoulders. BlueStarClick here to see how Nexgard stops ear mites 99% in 28 days. Dr. Beugnet Study, Parasite Journal, 2016: Stops demodectic mange, kills mites, and cost is only $10-20 treatment.
4.  BlueStarClick here to see how Bravecto stops ear mites 99% in 28 days. Dr. Fourie Study, Parasites and Vectors Journal, 2015: No mites detected after treatment while Advocate had mites harboring still on skin.  Bravecto also stops fleas, ticks, and mites. Once a month chew.




Dog Skin Problems – Environmental Allergies ^

You can’t put your dog in a bubble – use Dog Heiro to get peak immunity to fight back airborne or topical (carpet/grass) allergy problems.  Vitamin E + Omegas + 8 herbs + Magnesium + Zinc work together in Dog Heiro!

Dog Skin Problems – Excess Shedding – Compare Dog Heiro to Dinovite ^



Excess Shedding is a sign of poor coat quality.  The Dog Heiro Program can help this quickly.  Your Dog needs a healthy coat.




Compare Dog Heiro to Dinovite.


 Dog Heiro


Grain FreeYesNo – added Sorghum Grain
Total Omega Fatty Acids13.6%6% – Omega 3
All 8 Forms of Alpha Tocopherol140 IUNo
Vitamin E Added/ScoopYesNo
Herbal Adaptogen addedYesNo
Healthy Herbs addedYes – 8Only 1
Pharmaceutical Magnesium Oxide AddedYesNo
MSM AddedYesNo
Improvement seen quickly within 14-21 days!YesTakes up to 3 months
FREE Veterinary ConsultsYes                        No
Free Shipping OptionYesAdded Shipping fees
on all orders.



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