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    Psst! Dog HEIRO Works! Pass It On!

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    Dog HEIRO Helps Joint Issues

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    Keep your couch potato healthy

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    Keeps your active dog heathy!

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Free Veterinary Consults


Gets your dog Back to Peak Health Faster!
Keeps your active dog healthy!

Is This Your Dog?

  •  Owner wants active dog to stay healthy
  •  Sore joints from age, Lyme, surgery
  •  Poor hair coat
  •  Chronic skin/ear problems
  •  Older dog issues
  •  No energy
  •  Over or under weight
  •  Can't exercise like before
  •  Battling Cancer


No waiting a long time for results - see improvement in only 14-21 days - guaranteed

No waiting a long time for results - see improvement in 14-21 days - Guaranteed! 

Our Guarantee to You

All our products have a 100% money-back guarantee. We use natural herbs to provide the best of nature to your dog. We provide you results of all lab reports on our products. We are university/state certified free of drugs/pesticides/lead/melamine. We are gluten free and non-GMO.

We are unique in providing feed programs and management tips to assist you in helping your dog. We are the only canine supplement providing free veterinary consults.

Quality Lab Tested, Natural Herbs, Gluten Free, No GMO, Vet Approved

We Ship Worldwide