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Our job is to help get your dog back to peak health so you can enjoy your special time together. We are a veterinary practice with Dr. Reilly having over 27 year’s of doctoring experience and over 40 years as a dog owner.

We understand your time is valuable – we will quickly call you back or email back responses right away because you need information to help your dog.

Our Equine practice has helped thousands of horses with Insulin Resistance/Weight Issues and the problems that cause joint pain, less energy, and the inability to go out and exercise like before.  We have helped animals lose thousands of pounds by adding Heiro to the right diet/snacks.

The Dog Heiro Supplement will help your dog move better in a very short time – less than 2 weeks.  Dogs with sore joints from age, past surgery, Lymes exposure, or just day-to-day living are going to get up easier and move better.  Dogs with poor hair coats and skin issues also improve quickly in 2-3 weeks – coats return to their original quality and skin clears up.  Dogs with weight issues, either under or over weight benefit from our information on the right dry and canned dog foods, best store-bought snacks, and facts on the best people food for dogs.

Free Veterinary Consults are part of this unique program – it is not just a powder and good luck to you – that would fail.   We are here to set up a tailored, individual plan for your dog.  Please fill out the history under the “Contact Us” header and we will send a FREE unique program just for your dog.

We are unique in being members of:

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Our Team

Frank K. Reilly, DVM, Senior Doctor

Frank K. Reilly, DVM

Senior Doctor

Frank K. Reilly, DVM is the Senior Doctor at Dog Heiro, Inc., in West Chester, PA. He has helped thousands of animals get back to their peak health for over 27 years in the veterinary profession.  Dr. Reilly is an active member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), and has lectured on Cushings, Insulin Resistance, and Vitamin deficiencies all over the USA.  In practice, he has worked on 6 world-record racehorses and multiple track record horses. His family has two dog members and he has owned dogs for over 40 years.

Ashley Onder, Shipping Logistics

Ashley Onder

Shipping Logistics

Ashley Onder has been with the practice since August 2011. She is currently studying Business Management and Marketing at Penn State. She manages the shipments to our customers. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys watching the Philadelphia Flyers.

Emily Condron

Client Communications

Emily Condron has been with the practice since 2016.  She is currently studying Environmental Health at West Chester University.  Her main focus is Client Communications which allows her to converse with clients all around the country.  She enjoys reading, playing music, drawing, and spending time outside in her garden.

Kristina Balcazar

Product Coordinator

Kristina Balcazar is our newest member here at Dog Heiro, Inc.  She joined our team in 2016.  Her essential role is to package your orders accurately and quickly get them to you.  She loves animals and is dedicated to delivering the very best for your precious pets.  She is married and has four children whom she cherishes. Her favorite thing to do is spend quality time with her family.  They enjoy vacationing to Mexico and Florida.  She enjoys dancing and listening to a variety of music.


Proper diet and exercise is essential for dog health. DOG HEIRO is a supplement to help maintain dog
health. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.