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Anxiety and Dogs- How to Help

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Anxiety isn’t just a problem regulated to us busy humans with our stressful lives, but is a common problem among dogs, even with their own seemingly stress-free lives. Dogs worry too, and various sounds that seem normal to us will put your dog in a panic. For instance, loud noises like thunderclaps and fireworks frighten even the largest dog, and with summer storms and July 4th celebrations on their way it’s best to be prepared for when your dog needs to calm down. All of us here at Dog Heiro want to keep your best friends happy and emotionally healthy, and we’ve found some natural ways to do that. These can be applied any time too, allowing your dog to handle anxiety better, in turn allowing you to relax as well. anxious dog

A little-known way to relax your dog is a trick that nearly everyone uses for themselves to calm down, and that’s turning on your music and just listening to some tunes. Dogs respond well to certain music, there’s even dog themed playlists that are easily accessible on Spotify or Youtube. Unfortunately for you a lot of the dog themed music ranges from very odd sounding songs that won’t sound great to the human ear, or classical music that might not be for everyone. There’s certainly an odd mix out there, but dogs hear differently than us humans and relaxation for dogswhat bothers them might be your favorite band’s best song. So, it also be a worthwhile endeavor to play various songs that you enjoy and see how your dog responds to them. It’s a pseudo-science experiment, but the result is finding a playlist that calms down you and your best friend, well worth an afternoon jumping around all spectrums of music.




Dog wearing Thundershirt

A more commercial method to helping your dog with anxiety is the Thundershirt. The Thundershirt is a vest tailored to your dog, designed to apply constant gentle pressure like that of an infant being swaddled. According to the expert testimonials this gentle pressure releases certain endorphins allowing your dog to feel naturally relaxed. It’s been tested by veterinarians and has a high success rate according to its customers. The shirt is natural fitting and easy to put on, intuitive really. It’s rare that your dog would find it irritating, but if they do then there is a 100% money back guarantee. Furthermore, the Thundershirt can be worn long term throughout the day, and used for not just anxiety during periods of loud noises. You can leave your dog secure in the Thundershirt while you’re away for a prolonged period of time, or have them wear it in the car if they don’t like traveling. This can give your dog an extra level of security and comfort that you won’t be able to provide by just being there for them. It’s natural, and even fashionable, coming in in different designs that suit your dog and you. You can take a look at the Thundershirt here,

Finally, the simplest way to keep your dog anxiety free is by making sure they’re physically healthy, and that boils down to plenty of activity and exercise. Make sure they are getting a proper amount of exercise, generally a half hour to two hours a day, depending on the dog, and having fun too. If your dog is physically healthy and more exposed to an environment that isn’t your living room and backyard, then they’ll be able to handle more sensations and sounds as they come. The healthier they are, the happier they are, and this applies for you too. Staying active with your dog will keep you happy, and your dog will sense that. And if you time the exercise just right then maybe your dog will be extra tired while those fireworks go off in your neighborhood on July 4th .4th of July And of course, our own Dog Heiro for Dogs supplement can help keep them healthy. This will give your dog more natural energy over time, which in turn, will keep them wanting to run around outside and burn off some extra stress. You can take a look at our product here, and get a free consultation with a veterinarian here,