Calorie Chart by Weight

So how many calories should my dog get in a single day?

Dog Calories a day needs is right here – Simple Chart.

Book1.  Dog Calories A Day – Easy Chart
Below is a chart of various weights of dogs and how many kilocalories (calories) they need a day.  The formula for this number comes from Nutrient Requirements of Dogs.

2.   Dog Calories A Day – Various Stages
Some dogs need to lose weight, some dogs need to gain weight, and some dogs are at a good weight but need better types of food to eat and want the benefits of added energy or improved joint/skin health from Dog Heiro.  Knowing the dog calories a day gives you a black and white number – no guessing, no errors.

Tortoise3.   Dog Calories A Day – To Gain or Lose Weight – Its Easy
For weight gain or weight loss programs, it takes 60-90 days to see effect.  We are looking for long-term health and NOT rapid changes which will not last.  Once your dog gets to its 5% mark, you can readjust the diet again by adding or subtracting another 5% and continue on every 60-90 days until at the ideal weight.  With the Dog Heiro Program of right foods and Dog Heiro Supplement, you are all set.




4.   Dog Calories A Day – Total Calories a Day
Dog Calories a day keeps your dog healthy. The calorie number is the total calories a day. This is all the calories from snacks, calories from dry dog food, and calories from wet dog food combined.  If you feed too many high calorie snacks all day, then the calories left to feed at dinner time are very much reduced and this results in skimpy, unsatisfying meals.  If you feed lots of low carb snacks, then there are still plenty of calories left for a bigger dinner.  This is calorie exchanging.


Weight of DogIdeal Kilocalories (Calories)
10 pounds207
12 pounds234
14 pounds261
16 pounds288
18 pounds315
20 pounds343
22 pounds370
24 pounds397
26 pounds425
28 pounds452
30 pounds479
32 pounds506
34 pounds534
36 pounds561
38 pounds588
40 pounds615
42 pounds643
44 pounds670
46 pounds697
48 pounds725
50 pounds752
52 pounds779
54 pounds806
56 pounds834
58 pounds861
60 pounds888
62 pounds915
64 pounds943
66 pounds970
68 pounds997
70 pounds1025
72 pounds1052
74 pounds1079
76 pounds1106
78 pounds1134
80 pounds1161
82 pounds1188
84 pounds1215
86 pounds1243
88 pounds1270
90 pounds1297
92 pounds1325
94 pounds1352
96 pounds1379
98 pounds1406
100 pounds1434
105 pounds1502
110 pounds1570
115 pounds1638
120 pounds1706