How can Heiro for Dogs help my dog’s skin and dog’s ear problems? 7 Ways

Heiro Dog-Health Info

Paw PrintHeiro for Dogs contains Omega 3 to decrease inflammation of the skin and shown to help support skin structure to keep bacterial problems away.
Paw PrintHeiro for Dogs has high levels of Vitamin E, shown to increase levels of protective white blood cells and increase immunoglobulins.  Heiro for Dogs only uses the fat-soluble form found in your dog’s skin and as a bonus, all 8 forms of Alpha Tocopherol are in Dog Heiro.
Paw PrintHeiro for Dogs has Natural Herbs to help your dog’s immune system to stay fully charged.  Once the skin problem is cleared up, you want your dog’s skin at peak alert to help avoid relapses and expense.  Two of the herbs are Adaptogens to help your dog’s immune system to respond better to stress.
Paw PrintHeiro for Dogs contains anti-inflammatory natural MSM found in your dog’s skin.  Further support to the skin for further protection.
Paw PrintDog Heiro for Dogs has a free Veterinary consult – you can talk with Dr. Reilly about your dog’s skin and dog ear problems.
Paw PrintMineral blend of Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Manganese, plus added Vitamins in USDA Certified Organic Herbs to support skin to recover and thrive.
Paw PrintA chart of the best dry and canned dog foods with many grain-free options if dietary changes are needed.  Heiro for Dogs is not just a powder and good luck to you.  It is a full program.

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