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Creative Fitness Tips for Your Dog

Creative Fitness Tips for Your Dog During the Winter

Whether it’s for yourself or for your dog, it’s always easier to exercise when the weather’s nice. But as the temperature drops so does the motivation to get moving! Dogs love being outside when it’s snowing, but that’s not always the case for their owners. Luckily, going outside during a snowstorm isn’t the only option to exercise your dog. A little creativity can go a long way! Here are some creative fitness tips to keep your pet up and moving this winter.

  1. Make mealtime stimulating: Putting your dog’s food in a feeding toy instead of a bowl helps them to stimulate their mind and body. Studies have shown that dogs enjoy their food more when they have to work for it. Moving the toy around to get the food out is a perfect exercise while being fun at the same time! Dog’s have great noses, so hiding their food can also help them get their “daily steps in,” while keeping them trim and mentally alert.
  2. Enroll your dog in a class: Behavioral or sports-centered classes for your dog are not only fun and full of exercise, but these classes can help your dog socialize and tune up some of those behavioral characteristics that may not be your favorite. Search for places local to you that offer these classes. Creative Tips on Fitness for Your Dog
  3. Hide and Seek: Hide and seek around your house is a great way to keep both you and your dog moving. Start by tossing a treat to get your dog away from you. Then, run and hide. As your dog tries to find you to get more treats, they will not only be exercising their noses but also burning calories by running around the house.
  4. Bubbles: Dogs love trying to catch bubbles, just make sure you’re using pet-friendly bubbles. These can be found at any local pet store.
  5. Laser pointer: It’s not just cats that love laser pointers. Some dogs love them too! Just point the laser pointer at the ground, wiggle it around, and sit back and stay warm while your dog plays.

With the cold weather coming, it’s important to keep your dog moving so they can stay mentally and physically in tip-top shape. Encouraging fitness can be hard with older dogs. Much like humans, when the weather turns cold, arthritis pain can flare up. This can make dogs with this condition more susceptible to obesity, therefore, enhancing their joint pain. Dog Heiro is a supplement you should use year round.   No other joint supplement helps your dog more in all-around health.  We are nationally ranked for the information we provide on the Best Dry and Canned Dog Foods, the Best People Food for Dogs, and Dog Calories a day. .We also offer free Veterinary consults and free feeding programs.  No other joint supplement includes all of this for your best friend!

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