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Fall Pet Friendly Fun for a Healthy Dog

Looking for Fall activity suggestions?  Look no further!Fall Pet Friendly Activities

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. There are colorful leaves on the ground, it’s starting to get chilly, and fun events like haunted houses and corn mazes finally open. But because it isn’t beach weather, it can be hard to figure out activities that not only are fun for you and your dog but also keep them healthy and strong. Here are some fun fall activity suggestions of what you and your dog can do to make this the best fall ever!

  1. Visit a pet-friendly apple or pumpkin patch: Not only will this put you in the mood for fall, but the different scents will entertain your dog and they will have a blast. They may even make a friend or two! To make things even better, share some pieces of pumpkin with your pooch. Pumpkin is extremely healthy for your dog and delicious too!
  2. Rake some leaves: Just like any human, the highlight of fall for a dog is jumping into a pile of leaves. Don’t you remember the excitement as your dove into a pile of orange and brown leaves, getting leaves stuck in your hair and hearing them rustle and break as you move through the pile? Dogs love this too. So rake ‘em up then toss their favorite toy in the pile for them to root around and find!dog command sit
  3. Go for a hike: Even though most dogs are domesticated, they still have a side in which their innate wildlife skills take over. Going for a hike is fantastic exercise for you and your dog, allowing them to get outside and explore the different smells of the wild. Remember to always keep your dog leashed unless the area allows off-leash dogs.
  4. Play Football: Grab your favorite jersey and take your pup outside for a game of football. You can pretend you’re the quarterback and your dog is your wide retriever receiver. Throw short or long passes to keep your dog running, jumping, and fetching. Afterward, you can relax together on the couch to cheer on your favorite team!

None of these fun fall adventures will be possible if your dog isn’t healthy. Dog Heiro helps to maintain skeletal and muscular health which is essential for your dog to jump into leaves and chase after his favorite toys. Is your dog the healthiest it can be? Use Dog Heiro for optimum canine health.

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