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Can Dog Heiro help my dog battle cancer?

Yes, remember, it is not just a supplement, it is also a feeding program to help out.  Many cancer dogs can lose or gain weight on added steroids (Dexamethasone).  The Dog Heiro program can help with this.  We provide a list of healthy dry and canned dog foods and human foods that can be added to your dog’s diet.  Dog Heiro has immune adaptogens to help dogs in stressful situations (Vitamin E, Reishi, Eleuthro).

Dog-In HosptialMany cancer dogs get skin problems – red, inflamed, and often infected, resulting in hair loss and, at times, an odd smell.  The Dog Heiro program can help with controlling this problem.  Dog Heiro can’t cure cancer, of course, but the goal is to help make your dog comfortable and to extend quality time with your friend.

BlueStarClick here to see an article on How Omega’s in Dog Heiro help with cancer prevention. Cancer Metastasis Rev. 2015, “Omegas possess therapeutic role against certain types of cancer.”

box-testimonial-CancerOne of the biggest problems with cancer dogs is a decrease in the ability to move.  They have a tough time getting up or exhaust quickly.  This is where Dog Heiro and the right foods help a lot.


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