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Can I use Heiro for Dogs if my dog is on medication?

pillsYesMany dogs are on medicine and Dog Heiro together because of the multiple benefits of Dog Heiro supporting your dog’s body to improve.

Your dog can be on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories (Metacam, Rimadyl…), hormones (including Thyroid Meds, Cushings Meds….) heartworm pills, and cancer meds along with Dog Heiro.

Your dog can be on Heiro for Dogs during all treatments; before and after surgery and if on other supplements.

How Dog Heiro aids in Recovery:

Paw PrintHeiro for Dogs has Omega 3’s to decrease inflammation.

Paw Print Heiro for Dogs has high levels of Vitamin E to help with the immune system.  It has all 8 forms of Alpha-Tocopherol in a stable, esterified form for maximum effect.

EleutheroPlantPaw Print Heiro for Dogs has natural herbs to further support proper skin, joint, and overall health.  There are also adaptogens to help your dog respond better to stress.

Paw Print Heiro for Dogs has natural MSM, another anti-inflammatory.

Paw Print Heiro for Dogs has a mineral blend of Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, and Phosphorus to support cells to work their best.

Paw Print Heiro for Dogs has a healthy dry and wet dog food program along with great snacks to support recovery.  It is a program not just a powder.