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What’s in Dog Heiro? Why Special?

Why is Dog Heiro Special? ^

usa-flag-1Dog Heiro is the most tested dog supplement in the country.

All Natural Veterinary-approved nutritional supplement. 

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Tested negative for melamine, pesticides, lead, environmental contaminants, and all drugs by the State Lab at the University Of Pennsylvania Veterinary School. Dog Heiro delivers the best to your dog.

Tested negative for Salmonella and E. Coli by the state lab at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School– you need to know your dog is getting a safe/tested supplement.  Dog Heiro delivers peace of mind to the owner.

Tested content for protein and minerals.  You want to know what is going into your dog.  Dog Heiro delivers needed nutrients. BlueStarClick here for Results from Equi-Analytical Lab in New York – The largest feed/supplement test center in the USA.

equi-analytical logo1 Tested low carbohydrates, low fructans – no sense in feeding a high carbohydrate supplement to a dog with weight issues.  Dog Heiro is not full of sugar like other supplementsBlueStarClick here for Results from Equi-Analytical Lab in New York.

msu_logo Tested high Vitamin E and high in Omegas – anti-inflammatory to help control Insulin.  Helps joints and skin also.  Helps boost the immune system. BlueStarClick here for Results from Equi-Analytical Lab in New York.

• Our Blue-Green Algae is tested Microcystin Free, Natural, and tested Heavy Metal Free.
BlueStarClick here for in-depth information ***SAFE FOR DOGS***Heiro Bottle-White Background

Your dog deserves high-quality herbs.

Symbol-NoGMO  100% Non-GMO makes Dog Heiro the right choice.

SymbolGlutenFree  100% Gluten Free Dog Heiro for proper metabolic function in your dog.

Dosage for Dog Heiro ^

Dog’s Weight# Scoops – Once A Day
25 Pounds and under1
26-50 Pounds2
51-75 Pounds3
Over 75 Pounds4

For the first 7 days, do a double dose.  So for example, if your dog is 40 pounds, give 2 scoops in morning and 2 scoops in the evening for 1 week.  Then go to 2 scoops a day – once a day.

What Will Dog Heiro Do For My Dog? ^

CalendarWithin 14 days, you will see your dog’s energy go way up.  Many dogs that could not jump up on the couch will suddenly be able to be with you again.  Dogs that are very sore getting up in the morning will move better and be able to run around with their other dog friends.  You will be able to go for walks – on walks that are longer.  Your dog will be more alert and brighterBlueStarClick here on Dog Joint Pain helped by Heiro For Dogs.

Box-skin issues

GoldenFaceSkin IssuesBy 21 days, your dog’s hair coat will improve and any skin issues will start to clear.  Your dog moves better and better.  The great foods and snacks they are on now with the Dog Heiro program make them feel better.

BlueStarClick here for the Best Dog Foods – Many Healthy Choices.
BlueStarClick here for in-depth information on Skin and Ear Problems helped by Heiro for Dogs.

Omega Levels in Dog Heiro
Dog-FeelingGoodWhy Dog Heiro’s Omegas help skin and joint?
1.  Very high levels of Omega’s in Dog Heiro.
2.  Multiple different Omega 3’s in Dog Heiro.
3.  Omegas shown to reduce inflammation in studies – in skin or jointsBlueStarClick here on Study of 127 Dogs with Arthritis improved by Omegas – able to getoff floor better, walk better, play better.  Dr. Rousch, American Vet and Assoc., 2010.

Vitamin E in Dog Heiro at Maximum Levels for Health – Why Need?
1.  Vitamin E is the #1 Antioxidant in the body.
2.  Immune Modulator – helps adapt body to respond and repair.
3.  Vitamin E is proven in a University study to be low in dogs with skin problems/hair loss.  BlueStarClick here for Study on Plasma and Skin Vitamin E Concentrations. Dr. Kapun, Vet. Quarterly, 2013.
4.  Vitamin E is proven in University study to help skin with supplemented – increased antioxidant capacity.  BlueStarClick here for Study on Vitamin E Supplementation: Improvement of Clinical Signs – for dogs with canine atopic dermatitis. Dr. Kapun, Vet Research, 2014.
5.  Vitamin E in dogs produced significant reduction in joint lesions and reduced inflammatory joint markers.  BlueStarClick here to see Study on Anti-inflammatory response of dietary Vitamin E helps reduce cartilage damage, reduced joint inflammation. Dr. Rhama, Canadian Vet Research, 2013.


Is Dog Heiro Tasty? ^

DogWithDishYes, dogs get excited when they smell the Dog Heiro canister being opened. You can put it in your hand and they will lick it right up.  The great bacon smell when you open up the top will have them running to get to it.

Natural Herbs in a great tasty blend of:
Paw PrintFenugreek, Ocean Kelp, Blue-Green Algae, Ginger, Cinnamon, Milk Thistle, Adaptogens: Reishi and Eleuthero
Paw Print Added Antioxidant Vitamin E – The high levels needed to help in recovery.  The #1 antioxidant vitamin of the body. See Science Article below how Vitamin is proven to help dogs.

Paw Print Added Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Oxide – Magnesium is needed in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body.  Assists muscle, bone to work at peak performance.

Paw PrintMSM – A wonderful source of organic sulfur to lower inflammation, improve immune function and help rebuild damaged tissue.

Paw PrintOmegas – Support the skin and joints.  See the Science Article below on how Omegas help your dog’s health.  High dose Omega 3’s in Dog Heiro work!

Is Dog Heiro Costly? ^

No, it is economical in cost but also saves you money.  There will be fewer medications to help joint pain, less medication to control blood sugars, less cost in chronically sick visits with the vet, improved immune system so fewer coat/skin problems to pay for, less costs in snack bills with other options.

box-poorhaircoatOwners that have spent thousands on hair loss, for example, are amazed at how much their dogs improve in only a few weeks – that is less than $7.85 in a 40 pound dog!

Owners with arthritic dogs on medicines (Rimadyl, Meloxicam/Steriods, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin) that still are sore, see quick improvement in only 2 weeks that is only $11.76 in a 70 pound Lab!

MoneyJarSave Money on Dog Heiro
• Get off expensive medicines and shots
• Stop multiple doctor visits
• Spend less on food by feeding the right way