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Why use Dog Heiro now if your dog is doing well?

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Dog Heiro Healthy Program

A.  Skin/Ear Health – Keep yeast reduced, keep the immune system in peak condition to avoid itching, scratching, and hot spots.

B.  Joints/Movement – Keep muscle mass up, keep joint inflammation down.  Certain breeds are predisposed to problems – get ahead of it now.


C.  Food Allergy or Food Intolerance – Many choices to keep the gastrointestinal tract working well.  Avoid diarrhea, gas, and stomach ulcers.  Allergic dermatitis is misery to your dog – keep the skin comfortable.

D.  Weight Issues – Dog Heiro Program keeps them fit and not overweight.  Low carb foods and snacks avoids costly Diabetes and keeps too much weight off joints – stop excess wear and tear on joints.

E.  Older Dogs – Keep your dogs moving well even when over 10 years old.  Dog Heiro diet and supplement will keep them acting young.  Dogs stay active and alert with Dog Heiro.


F.  Cancer High carb diets are directly linked to cancer triggers.  Keep the diet right and the anti-inflammatories in Dog Heiro as defense.  Also, if your dog is diagnosed with cancer, the high protein/low carb diet in the Dog Heiro Program is recommended in battling cancer.

G.  Save Money – Avoiding problems is easy and cheap, while treating complicated damages is expensive.

H.  Summary – The Dog Heiro Program is: