Finicky Or Sick Dogs Needing Healthy Flavorings To Eat Meals

With over 45 years experience as a dog owner and 27 years as a Veterinarian, here are tricks that work.




= For Skin and Ear Problems also.  Grain Free. No Chicken, No Beef.

Egg-Excellent Protein Source


Eggs – Hard boiled egg – 35% Protein, only 39 calories per 1/2 egg. Chopped up, mix in food.

Low Fat Yogurt – 10 Calories a tablespoon, 36% protein  –   my dogs love it.



Cottage Cheese
– 73% Protein, 10 calories a tablespoon.





A.  Shredded Cheese (like to make Tacos) is easy to add to dog food.  Reduced Fat Cheddar Jack is 40 calories per tablespoon.
B.  A Cheese Stick – broken up in pieces and put in the bowl gets a lot of dogs eating.  Reduced fat sharp Cheddar Cheese Stick is only 60 calories a stick.


Store-bought Gravy

 A.  These are very inexpensive and last a long time – only $1.50 a bottle.  These have wheat flour, so not for dogs with skin/ear problems from food allergies to grain.
B.  Many Flavors – Beef, Pork, Turkey Gravy.  My dog licks the bowl for beef gravy.
C.  It is low calories – only 12 calories/tablespoon.

Vegetable Stock – in a liquid form in a box, ready-to-go, pour on to dry dog food.  Dogs with skin/ear issues can use.


Chicken Stock
– In the soup section at the grocery store – pour in a little to flavor up the dry dog food. Dogs lap it up.  Low Calorie. Helps add flavor.

– Example:  Campbell’s Condensed Broccoli and Cheese Soup or Cream of Chicken and Mushroom.  Only 12 calories a tablespoon.  Has wheat flour.


Canned Meats

Canned Hormel TurkeyA.Triangle-SalmonColorTuna- light tuna – 94% Protein, only 20 calories per tablespoon.  5 oz. can only $1.50- Easy to get – Buy packed with spring water.  Very high protein. Dog HEIRO sticks to it.
B.Triangle-SalmonColorHam – Hormel makes. 30 calories per tablespoon – 5 oz. can only $1.79
C.Triangle-SalmonColorTurkey – White/Dark Meat – Hormel makes. 16 calories per tablespoon
D.  Chicken – White/Dark Meat – Hormel makes. 16 calories per tablespoon





A.  Cooked Salmon – 73% Protein, 42 calories/oz.
B.  Cooked Yellowfin Tuna – 92% Protein, 39 calories/oz.
C.  Lox (Salmon) – 67% Protein33 calories/oz.


CannedDogFoodSnackCanned Dog FoodHigh Protein (over 40%), Low Carb .  1-2 Tablespoons.  Can also just use the juice of the contents and not the food itself.  1 can of food can do a week’s worth of feedings.  If you have a skin/ear chronic problem dog, call us.  Only a few canned dog foods have no eggs, no chicken fat, no chicken, no beef, no grain – we will help you.  Many grain-free exotic meats (lamb, venison, boar…) have chicken antigen from fat, egg, meal added to it. BlueStarClick here to see Best Canned Dog Foods.


baby foodBeef-Flavored Baby Food.  See our Healthy Choices.  1-2 Tablespoons added in is delicious.


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