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How to Improve Your Dog’s Health With Supplements

Here at Dog Heiro we want to improve your dog’s health, because dogs today aren’t getting the nutrients they need by just eating healthy, and the same can be said for humans. Food today has lost some if it’s nutritional value due to the factory-like process that farming has become.

Organic foods do not yield the same amount of minerals and vitamins as the once did, even organic chicken has barely less fat than it does protein. According to a study by the London Metropolitan University, fat in chicken today outweighs the protein in the chicken by a factor of 1:4. This is close to double the amount of fat to protein, and it’s hard to find ingredients that are much more healthy.

With this lack of minerals and vitamins in today’s food this could lead to your dog becoming overweight or develop complications that directly result in joint and heart problems, taking away their ability to do simple activities like running and playing. Thus, supplements targeting this problem of a lack of vitamins and minerals are needed to improve your dog’s health to keep them happy and healthy.Improve your dog's health, eating, nutrition, vitamins, supplements

Unfortunately not all supplements for dogs are as simple as buying over the counter vitamins from your local pharmacy. In an article for CNN, supplement tester and researcher Dr. Todd Copperman is quoted on the quality of dog supplements saying, “We have repeatedly found the quality of supplements for pets to be worse overall than for supplements for people,”.

So when finding the right supplement to improve your dog’s health you need to take into consideration it’s ingredients, the research behind the supplement, and whether or not it’s actually been successful.

Some key ingredients to look for in dog supplements are fatty acids and fish oil like Omega-3. These are ingredients not found in typical dog food, but will help with your dog’s joint pain and their bodies natural way to regulate insulin. Another key ingredient to find for your dog is vitamin E, which will reduce inflammation in your dog’s joints especially as they get older.

Now we here at Dog Heiro have a unique understanding of what it takes to improve your dog’s health. At the head of our team is lead doctor Frank K. Reilly, a veterinarian for over 27 years who has helped thousands of animal in his time.

So we know a thing or two when it comes to helping your dog, and that’s why our product Heiro for Dogs is an All Natural veterinary approved nutritional supplement. Furthermore, it’s the most tested dog supplement in the nation, and has continually tested negative for contaminants like lead, pesticides, melamine, and other environmental contaminants that’s helped lead to the decrease of nutrition in food today. Our product also has a perfect balance of protein and minerals and a good concentration vitamin E and Omega acids. You can take a look at the lab tested results for our product with a full breakdown of the contents in each scoop of our supplement here.

We here at Dog Heiro only want to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy and we understand that just a good diet is sometimes not enough for your dog to stay healthy. That’s why we created Heiro for Dogs, so we could help keep your dog energetic and healthy for their entire life. Click here to learn more about our product and shop for what you think is right for your best friend.       

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