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Doing a lot Better

Dr. Reilly:
We have been on your suggested plan for just about 30 days now. My doggy is doing a lot better but still having some issues. Her ears are almost healed up - just a few places still healing. It has just been this week that the rawest spots are clearing up.

Her licking is much better - still does some, but will mostly quit when I tell her "lay your headie down."

She is finally strong enough that I was able to give her a bath yesterday.

Betty - via Email, September 2017

Strongly Recommend

The Doctor was very helpful answering questions. The Dog Heiro definitely helped my older Shepherd as well. Strongly recommend.

Wendy - Colorado

Stopped the Itching Within a Week

Dr. Reilly:

Love this product! We tried everything to clear up the sore skin between wrinkles on our new rescue pug's face. Nothing really worked. I decided to give the Dog Heiro a shot. It is amazing! Within a week, she stopped itching her face and the hair started growing back.

Priscilla via Email

A Bit More Pep

Dr. Reilly:

I have been using this product for years.  My dogs' coats are beautiful and it seems to give them a bit more pep.  All this and the dogs love the taste too.  Highly recommend.

Lee Anne - New Hampshire

Most Customer Friendly Business

This company has to be one of the most customer friendly businesses I have ever done business with.  I purchased Dog Heiro because my dog was having skin issues.  Unfortunately, due to an unrelated medical issue my dog was having, after conferring with Dr. Reilly, it was decided that it would be best for me to stop using the product.  They immediately refunded me the money for the product.  I have been using another one of their products, Heave Ho, with the greatest success on my horse.

Nancy - Pennsylvania

Running The Farm

Dear Dr. Reilly:

My dog, Guinness, could not get into his chair.  He was slowing down, getting old.  Well, since Heiro, he is a happy 12-year-old running the farm.

Theresa - Virginia

Dog - No Health Problems

Dear Dr. Reilly:

I started my 5-year-old Staffordshire Terrier on Dog Heiro because of the success I've had using the Horse version on my two horses for many, many years.  The Heiro research is convincing, and the online support I've gotten over the years is excellent.  My dog never has any health problems!  Vets are impressed.

Lou - New York

My Pug Stopped Itching Her Face

Dear Dr. Reilly:

LOVE this product!!! We tried EVERYTHING to clear up the sore skin between the wrinkles on our new rescue Pug's face.  NOTHING really worked.  Since I use a lot of your products for my horse with great success, I decided to give the Dog Heiro a shot.  It is AMAZING!!! Within a week, she stopped itching her face and the hair started growing back around her eyes and in her wrinkles.  Could NOT be happier!!! We are now getting all 5 of our senior rescue Pugs on it!!! Thank you!!!

Priscilla - Maine

Schultz Has No Scratching Whatsoever

RitasSchultz PictureDear Dr. Reilly:

We have had German Shepherds for over 40 years.  German Shepherds are not fond of water, at least the ones that we have had.  The boy we have now hates it with a passion, and of course, baths are out of the question.  I have given him baths in the past, but it is such an ordeal, I don't bother anymore.  Now understand, he has no problem jumping into the creek after he has nailed a "Groundhog".

That being said.  He has developed some serious scratching problems, which have lead to some raw skin areas on his body.   He had problems with some ear infection also.  I have tried numerous other products with no definitive results.

I started using the Heiro for Dogs on June 16th.  I didn't notice any significant change for about 14 days.  Then the scratching had started to calm down.  I have given him 4 scoops a day. The trial canister lasted for 36 days.  I am on the 2nd canister and it is July 28th and there is no scratching whatsoever.  The ears have taken a little longer, but there is almost no problem now.  I will continue to use the Heiro in his food.

Great Job, Dr. Frank!!!!!!  Here is a picture of my black boy. HAHA!!!! Thanks a bunch.

Rita W

Casey The Swimmer

Casey-LesterCasey swimming his laps!  Easily gets in and out of the pool.  He used to labor with this, and avoid coming in the pool as we had to lift him out.  All that has gone away!  He is the Golden that had TPLO surgery and had to have the implant remove.  We put him on Dog Heiro.  After three days on Dog Heiro, he was up on the couch and full of energy.  After 1 1/2 weeks, he is like a new dog, or like a 5 year old even though his is ten.  Right now he is pacing around the house with a pillow toy in his mouth!  This dog would not even get up to eat.  Now his is never sitting down!  I can't believe it is the same dog.  I love dogs and hate to see them get old.  This has given our guy a new lease on life!


UPDATE 2017:
Casey is doing great!  He is almost 14 years old and still swimming.

Our other Gold Retriever, Hunter, had a benign mass under his coat - the size of a grapefruit.  After 1 year on Heiro, it has shrunk and I almost cannot find it.  I attribute it to Dog Heiro!

Carole L.

Dog Heiro is Ruger's Special Sauce

Dear Dr. Reilly:

I would like to let you know that I started adding it to our Scottish Terrier, Rugar's diet.  He loves it so much, he literally turns up his nose and walks away from his food dish if we forget to add it.  We've started calling it his "Special Sauce"!

I also told my 84-year-old mom about it and she ordered some for her Pomeranian that has developed joint issues.  She loves it as well!

Thank you for making such a fabulous product to help our four-legged fur babies have better lives!

Gayle, Texas

Miracle In A Canister For My Senior Dog

Dear Dr. Reilly:
Heiro has been a God-send for both my horses and my dog!  I have two horses that are SUPER easy keepers and Horse Heiro has been for more effective at helping keep their weight in check than Quiessence ever did and is MUCH more cost effective so WIN/WIN!!!

The Dog Heiro has been a miracle in a canister for my senior dog!  He is 14 years old now.  He started to show signs of stiffness when getting up a few years ago so we added joint supplements to his diet.  They helped but about a year ago, his mobility really declined (wouldn't go up stairs, way less spring in his step) and he was getting a bit chubby.  We put him on Dog Heiro and I am not exaggerating when I say we saw marked improvement in mobility in two weeks and in weight by the end of the first month.  I absolutely love these products and the level of care and service you get from Dr. Reilly and his team is truly top notch!

Emily - Virginia

Dog Heiro Helped Allergies

Dr. Reilly:
Dog Heiro helped our hound mix with her terrible allergies which we had been unable to control with medication alone.  Golden Retrievers are known to have high rates of cancer, so I am giving my service dog Heiro in combination with a very low carb diet hoping to maximize his health and life.  Dr. Reilly has been generous with his time in offering help and advice.  He is really knowledgeable.  DO spend some time reading the info on the website!

Elizabeth - Connecticut

Steady Improvement In Energy

Dear Dr. Reilly:

Over a period of 6 months, my 13 year old female Labrador has shown steady improvement in energy and soundness.  Since she is limited by a nonfunctional hind leg it was a blessing to see the over-all improvement in her movement.

Mollie - webmail

What A Difference!

Dear Dr. Reilly:

I've used Heiro for years and our dogs love it!  I have two Golden Retrievers and it has made a marked difference in their allergies and ear infections.  Additionally, it has improved the quality of life of my 13 year old Yorkie.

Gayle - webmail

Improvement In Energy

Dear Dr. Reilly:

Over a period of 6 months, my 13-year-old female Labrador has shown steady improvement in energy and soundness.  Since she is limited by a nonfunctional hind leg, it was a blessing to see the over-all improvement in her movement. Needless to say, since she's a Lab, there was no need to improve her appetite which remains awesome!  Thank you for a miraculous product!

Mollie - New York, February 2017

My Dog Is Pushing 12

Dear Dr. Reilly:

I use HEIRO for my dogs and I have recommended it to several people who now use it as well.  I have a Doberman who is pushing 12 and doing very well.  This is a dog that I thought I would lose way before now.  She has been on HEIRO for several years.  It is a very good product.

Wendy - Connecticut, February 2017

Improved Quality of Life

Dear Dr. Reilly:

I've used HEIRO for years and our dogs love it!  I have two Golden Retrievers and it has made a marked difference in their allergies and ear infections.  Additionally, it has improved the quality of life of my 13-year-old Yorkie.  With outstanding customer support, rapid delivery, and personalized communication with Dr. Reilly, I highly endorse and recommend this product!

Gayle - Texas, February 2017


Dear Dr. Reilly:

My dogs are happier and more energetic.

Melody M.

Twinkie's New Diet

Dr. Reilly:
Thank you for getting back to me so soon.  I am taking your advice, and will start my little Twinkie on her new diet.  She and I appreciate your very valuable information.

Rose and Twinkie

Improvement In Skin/Coat

Dear Dr. Reilly:

I felt I should follow up with you regarding my older female lab.

I've been adding the Dog Heiro to her food every day for the last month, and I've definitely noticed an improvement in her skin/coat.

Prior to using Dog Heiro, her coat was dry, and was much like straw when I petted her.  Now the hair is much softer and fuller.  Her body mass has also improved - going from sunken in sides to a more robust profile - without being fat.

She is going to celebrate has 14th trip around the sun this month on the 13th, and while not in the picture of perfect health, she has never ever had a day when her tail was not wagging in greeting the day, friends, and her canine family.

I plan to keep her on Dog Heiro all her remaining my own Vet would say, "if you take care of the inside, the outside will reflect that care."

Thank you so much for developing a wonderful supplement to aide dogs in all stages of life.

Lisa - webmail

Doberman Is 12 And Doing Well

Dear Dr. Reilly:

I use Heiro for my dogs and I have recommended it to several people who now use it as well.  I have a Doberman who is pushing 12 and doing very well.  This is the dog that I thought I would lose way before now.  She has been on Heiro for several years.  It is a very good product.

Wendy - webmail

Jinko The Senior Dog

Jinko - PompeiDear Dr. Reilly:
The Dog Heiro has worked beautifully for my senior dog!  He has shown dramatic improvement and has maintained that improvement, which is really just so wonderful to see.  After about a week on being on Dog Heiro, Jinko started going up and down the stairs again!  His coat is super soft and he's lost about 10-20 pounds too!  It's wonderful and heartwarming to see him feeling so much better!

Emily P.

Happy Dog, Happy Dog Parent

Dear Dr. Reilly:
My Shih Tzu, Guinness, was itchy, smelly, and always biting himself.  I tried everything for him.  He was miserable so I was searching on the Internet when I came across Dog Heiro and noticed their free dog consulting.  In entered the information and I received their recommendations for him.  I started with changes in wet and dry food, baths, and medication as well as use of their supplement for him.  I purchased everything and Guinness stopped itching, smelled better, and his allergies and skin cleared up!  He is a happy Shih Tzu, and I am a happy dog parent.  I also give Dog Heiro to my Bostie, Abby, and she is doing great too.  I plan to continue to use Dog Heiro for the both of them.  Thank you.

Roni C.

Perked Up - Looks Happier

Dr. Reilly:

I have seen improvement in my 11-year-old Karelian Bear Dog.  He has perked up, looks happier, and is a little more active.  I will continue to use Dog Heiro.  Whatever relief I can give him is worth it.  I will watch and see if he continues to improve.  Thank you for this product.

L. Smith

Older Dogs Improved Quality of Life

Dr. Reilly:

Our older dogs have improved while on Dog Heiro.  Stiffness, rising slowly etc., has been helped by this product.  They are both fairly active but have a difficult time motivating first thing in the morning due to stiffness.  With Dog Heiro, they rise more easily and have extra energy during the day.  I plan to keep them on it to improve their quality of life.


More Playful and Energetic

Dr. Reilly:

We purchased Dog Heiro through another retailer before it was available on Amazon.  Our then-11 year old male boxer was suffering from age-onset arthritis and we looked for supplements to make him more comfortable.  We tried glucosamine chondroitin with MSM which helped a little.  We then started using Dog Heiro and within a few weeks he was much more playful and energetic.  As he has aged, we have had to administer a very low dose of Deramaxx (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) daily but the Dog Heiro has done most of the work.  He also sees the Vet every two weeks for laser therapy on his hip plus we are very conscientious about his weight.  He will be 13 years old in a few weeks and we are pleased with his activity level and lack of pain.  The Dog Heiro has been a valuable resource.


More Alert and Playful

Dr. Reilly:

Our Lab/Pit mix is 10 years old, and has pretty bad arthritis.  This stuff has "perked" him up immensely...he is much more alert and playful.


Marshall - Neighbors See Our Dog Better

Dear Dr. Reilly:

Marshall is doing well and seems a little peppier for sure.  My old neighbors stopped by to see him last week and remarked on how much better he looks from the last time they saw him.

As always, thank you very much Doctor!

John S.

All 9 Dogs On Dog Heiro

Dear Dr. Reilly:

I met you last year at the Massachusetts Equine Affaire and we spoke.  I also started my 9 dogs on the Dog Heiro, and I must say I am amazed at the difference in my older dogs.  I tell everyone.

Jean P.

Allie - Ears Have Settled Down

Dr. Reilly:

I would like to reorder your outstanding Dog Heiro, please.  It has continued to make a huge difference in Allie's life!  She seems to have more energy and her ears, which are almost always red and leaning to infection, have settled down tremendously.  She absolutely loves Heiro and gets excited when I pick up the jar to add to her food.  Thank you so much for developing it for dogs.  I'd like to know when you make it available for humans.  If it makes such a big difference for my dog, I'm sure it could help my rheumatoid arthritis.  (please make it chocolate flavored.)

Gayle M.

Sparkle Back In Her Eye

Dear Dr. Reilly:

I have been using the Heiro for my 13 almost 14 year old dog.  We have gone through one container and on the second one.  She has done real well with this and it did put a sparkle back in her eye.  Her ears are a chronic mess all the time and that even got better.

Lisa C.


Daisy Is Now Prancing

Please send me one container of the 150 scoops for my dog Daisy.  She is eating it and I have noticed a remarkable improvement.  She is actually prancing around the yard (pretty good for a 12-year-old 90 lb. German Shephard).  My husband wants to know if he can take it too.  LOL.

Maryanne R.



Charlie avoided Diabetes on Dog Heiro Program

Dear Dr. Reilly:
In the Spring, blood sugar up, started on Dog Heiro. In late Summer, blood sugar normal.

Betty L.


Daisy Can Get Up Easier

Dear Dr. Reilly:

Daisy-Susan R

She is hard to get up (lazy), seems to move ok and will chase after squirrels no problem once she is up.  She often has skin infections on her belly and redness (not from fleas).

She has been on Dog HEIRO for two weeks now and is more energetic and is easier to get up to take her for walks.  She seems happier and more eager.  The skin problems on her belly are gone.

Susan R.

Staffordshire Terrier & Labrador - The Hair Is Back

Dear Dr. Reilly:
My Staffordshire Terrier had hair loss over the head, crusty ears, and blackheads all under the belly.  With Heiro for Dogs, the hair is all back, the belly all clear, and her ears soft.  We needed medicated baths two times a week and now need none.  Before Heiro, we had her to several Vets that could not stop the constant odor from her coat, but after Heiro, she smells great.  I tried Platinum Performance and it had no effect, so I tried Heiro.

My other dog is a Labrador and is also moving and getting up and down better after being on Heiro.  Both dogs are improved.

Courtney C.

Scrappy Is Not Exhausted Now

Dear Dr. Reilly:

My 8-year old Rat Terrier, Scrappy, had problems walking long distances, going up and down steps, jumping and weight gain. I started giving him a daily dose of Cosequin, but saw minimal results. I decided to try Dog HEIRO instead because it seemed to be a healthier product. After 2 weeks Scrappy was able to walk twice as far without being exhausted. After 4 weeks his coat became soft and smooth, he was able to jump and use the steps without stumbling or needing assistance, and he started to look slimmer.

I will definitely continue using Dog HEIRO because it's healthy and it works!

Jennifer C.

Jennifer C.

Sagiita Uses Dog Heiro To Fight Cancer

Dear Dr. Reilly:

We definitely saw a difference in her ability to move and her well-being.  We recently had a hiccup but that's to be expected with her having cancer.  Just wanted to let you know we are very surprised, pleased with her response.

Nancy S.

Taz Has Energy After Surgery

Dear Dr. Reilly:


My dog is on Dog Heiro and he's doing great!  He had both knees and ACL's repaired and with Heiro for Dogs, my dog's energy is way up and seems more comfortable.

Marta E.
After just 2 weeks on Dog Heiro

Bridgette Walks Better

Dr. Reilly:
Bridgette is a 14 year old Shitzu with a history of weak back legs, has Cushings, walks sideways, and a skin rash.  "After on Dog Heiro for just 3 days, she walks straight, no wobbles.  Can you believe this? I am not thinking awful thoughts about her prognosis.  Skin less reddish, less irritated, she scratches less."

Christina B., 2014

Miller Is Trying Dog Heiro

Dear Dr. Reilly:

I'm excited to start him on the Dog Heiro and change his food.  My Vet thinks that he is just too sensitive to the thyroid medication.  I've seen Heiro help a lot of horses and have faith that it will help Miller.  I want him to have a long, happy life!  Thank you so very much for your attentiveness and suggestions.  It's so nice to know that there are people out there who care about the health of all our pets.

April D.

Gracie Is Better

Dr. Reilly:

My dog is doing so much better now that she is on Dog Heiro.  She is 11 years old.

Margaret H.

Our Shiba Moving Better, Jump On Couch

Dr. Reilly,

Our Shiba started moving better within 10 days.  She was so sore coming out of her crate in the morning prior to Dog Heiro, and now bursts out and runs around.  She can jump up on our couch now and sit beside me like years ago.

Lauren R.


BaileyDr. Reilly,

I am excited to try Dog Heiro as I have seen good results in my horses.

Wendy S.

Newfy Growing Back Hair In Bald Patches

Dr. Reilly,

My Newfy was losing hair and looking terrible.  Within 2 weeks of using Dog Heiro, she is growing hair in her bald patches.  I can’t thank you enough.  I am so excited for her not to look like I rescued her from a dumpster.

Barbara W.

Sailor Energy Way Up

SailorDr. Reilly,

Sailor runs around the yard now and has so much more energy.  She loves the taste and eats it right up.  I add a little water to her dry dog food and it is quickly all gone.

Susan S.

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