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6 Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

Ways to exercise with your dog

With the last days of summer approaching the clock is ticking on the nice days to enjoy outside with your dog. By this point it may be safe to say that you might be getting tired of the usual walk

6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

With summer in full swing the temperature is only going to increase with each passing day and while that means more excuses to jump in the pool, your dog is at a greater risk to overheat and possibly get heat


Dog park

ITS DOG PARK SEASON AND YOUR DOG KNOWS IT! Just as we sit at our desks and dream of greenery and ocean views during the cooler months, our pooches dream of running free and splashing with their favorite people in

Ticks- the pest all pet owners dread.

All pet owners know about ticks.  One of the many delights that come with owning a dog is watching them charge around outside- healthy and strong thanks in no small part to the Dog Heiro you supplement their diet with