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6 Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

With the last days of summer approaching the clock is ticking on the nice days to enjoy outside with your dog. By this point it may be safe to say that you might be getting tired of the usual walk around the block and game of fetch. So to bring some excitement to you and your dog’s exercise routine, we here at Dog Heiro have compiled six ways to exercise with your dog!

1)      Run with them: Working out with a partner can provide you with the extra motivation that you need to push yourself a little further, but sometimes it’s hard to find someone willing to workout with you consistently. Luckily for you, your best friend might just have enough energy to run with you. So next time you go for your morning run grab a leash for your workout partner and just jog.

Running, ways to exercise with your dog

Your dog will pick up with your pace and possibly push you further as they run ahead, excited that you want to play at a different level with them. This could also help with their training, eventually leading to them not needing a leash 24/7.

2)       Agility Drills: This is an easy do-it-yourself exercise for your dog that you can set up with household items, or inexpensive supplies from your local pet store. Essentially, you would set up an obstacle course for your dog to jump and crawl through, with a tasty reward waiting for them at the end. Activities could include jumping over bars of varying heights, crawling through a tunnel made of pillows, weaving around cones, and so much more.

At first it might be a little difficult to get your dog to stay focused for each “event” you create, but ultimately the training will benefit you and your dog’s relationship. They’ll be more prone to listen to your commands and in the process, will have more spring in their step from completing activates that require more than running in a straight line.

3)      Kayaking/Canoeing: If your dog loves to swim and you enjoy the outdoors this is the perfect activity for you. Take your dog out on the water in your kayak and canoe and take a trip down your local creek or lake on a nice sunny day.Ways to exercise with your dog

If your dog isn’t scared of water then they’ll be fine traversing the waterways and will probably jump out now and then, when you let them, to enjoy the cool water. Of course, you’ll have to stay close to shore and in shallow water, but ultimately this activity will keep both of you engaged for the whole day.

4)      Active Fetch: This is a spin on the classic fetch and can happen anywhere you like to play with your dog. All you have to do is run with them when you throw the ball or frisbee, encouraging them to run faster and to socially engage more.They’ll sense your energy as you run after the object you threw and see it as a race to the finish.

Of course, they’ll win but they won’t know that and you’ll work up a sweat yourself. You could even invite a friend and play a little monkey in the middle type of fetch. This will keep your dog on their toes and running far more than ordinary fetch in the park.

 5)     Take a Hike: While this activity boils down to walking it’s walking somewhere where you’re away from all the noise of your neighborhood, and can be much more challenging than walking the block. Depending on the challenge you want for you and your dog you can choose a number of trails that will suit your needs.

A simple google search for hiking trails in your area will reveal more than you thought was there, and they’re usually marked so you won’t even have to bring a map. You can also do this as an activity while camping with your dog, enjoying time well spent away from hot concrete paths and loud cars on the street.Hiking, ways to exercise with your dog

6)      Doggie and Me Fitness Classes: You read that right, there are fitness classes available for you and dog to do together. Many of them also focus on training your dog to be more obedient as well as getting them in shape. It doubles as time to grow the bond between you and your dog, and time to get active in your day with specialized training sessions.

It’s a phenomenon sweeping the country and there are bound to be some in your area, so search for the program that bests fits the needs of you and your dog, like you would with starting any other fitness program.

We here at Dog Heiro value your dog’s health along with your own and we want to see both of you stay happy and healthy together. These six different activities will allow you to do just that and create variety in your routine. So, pick one and try it out in this last month of summer, before the autumn breeze rolls in and the jackets have to come on. Don’t forget to make sure your Dog’s joints are healthy to participate in high energy activities. Our Dog Heiro supplement will ensure that they can do every one of these different activities with you. So, for a free consultation and product pricing click here!  

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