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6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

With summer in full swing the temperature is only going to increase with each passing day and while that means more excuses to jump in the pool, your dog is at a greater risk to overheat and possibly get heat stroke. Signs of severe overheating from your best friend include heavy panting, glazed over eyes, seizures or chills, extreme fatigue, collapsing, and vomiting. These are some of the most common symptoms, and if you see them you should act right away to cool your dog down. So to do just that, and hopefully avoid that emergency vet visit, here are six ways to keep your dog cool in the summer.

1. Keep them inside: If it’s too hot outside for them, then just keep them inside as much as possible. Simple right? A good rule of thumb is if you feel like it’s too hot for you to even go outside it’s probably too hot for your dog. This also means that you should not be driving with them and leaving them in the car. A car’s internal temperature can rise quickly even during a quick stop.Keep your dog cool inside

2. Know the best time of day to go out: If you go out to exercise with your dog then make sure it’s in the coolest parts of the day. It takes only ten minutes of activity in the heat to result in overheating. So either the early morning or evening, to later at night, would be ideal to walk your dog in the summer. You’ll even get to stay cool with them.Dog staying cool in summer

3. Take advantage of the shade: During your summertime walks or activities with your dog make sure you plan a shaded route that is away from hot pavement. Dogs may not need shoes, but hot pavement will still burn the bottoms of their paws if it gets hot enough. It is also important to keep in mind that the more time they spend walking on hot pavement overtime will help to quicken how fast they overheat.

It is important to know how sensitive the pads of your dog’s paws are. If your dog is very active outdoors then they will be tougher and able to handle hotter ground temperature if necessary. If they’re a smaller dog and more accustomed to the indoors, then their pads will be softer and more susceptible to hotter pavement.  Keep your dog cool in the summer

4. Keep them hydrated: When giving your dog water if you think they’re overheating then make sure it’s in smaller increments. Drinking water too fast might result in a shock to their system or deadly bloat. Keep the water cool but not cold. Even if you were to drink lots of ice water after feeling overheated your body would also potentially go into shock. So, keep it just cool enough and don’t put the giant bowl out right away.Keep your dog hydrated

5. Get wet: If your dog looks like they’re really overheating, and not just hot, then use water cool them down fast as possible. Again, make sure the water is just cool and not ice cold as that will result in shock.

If you’re putting wet towels over them then wetting it down with hose water will do. You also want to put the towels on their neck, across their abdomen, and on their inner thighs. These areas are sensitive and will allow your dog’s whole body to cool down at a natural pace. You can also just use the hose to wet them down, but remember to keep the water pressure low and just mist them. Too much water pressure will hurt your dog, and some dogs are afraid of water coming out of a hose as is.Dogs staying cool in the summer

6. Soak their feet: The final way to keep your dog cool in the summer is to soak their feet. As already mentioned, the pads of your dog’s paws vary in sensitivity and they have direct contact with the hot ground that’s been absorbing the summer temperatures. Therefore, a quick way to keep your dog’s cool is to make sure their paws don’t get too hot, so having them stand in a kiddie pool or shallow part of a lake on a walk will allow them to cool down quick enough to keep going with their activity. Ways to keep your dog cool in the summer 

We hope that these six tips will help keep your dog cool and healthy through the rest of this hot summer. At Dog Heiro we know that your best friend’s health and happiness is paramount, and it’s paramount for us too. With these tips in mind you’ll be able to keep your dog happy even in the worst of conditions, keeping you happy and cool too. Now that you know six ways to keep your dog cool in the summer click here to learn more about Dog Heiro supplements to keep your dog healthy all summer long.


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